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Are you webmaster? want to write some GUEST POST?

then you are on right page

Do you have an opinion on the latest games trailers, or game tutorials, guides, top lists and much more gaming stuff (not limited) and want to write post on it, then we offer to write post for us.

we do not currently accept paid article placements, so if you’re thinking of sending that email, well thanks, but we’re not that kind of publication.


  • The articles must contain relevant images
  • All blog posts must contain at least 300-500 or 700 words. The article must be well-formatted. (you can send us in html format)
  • Any link that is useless or irrelevant will be removed. Don’t do keyword stuffing. Avoid being self-promotional.
  • You will still get 1 or 2 dofollow backlink to your blog for each article you submit here. (you can add it in post, it must be relevant to what you writing about)
  • We reserves the rights to remove links or the article itself
  • Gaming Guides, reviews, Video Game Walkthroughs, games how to tutorials, gaming related top lists and other gaming stuff accepted.
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