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Typefighters Game System Requirements

Check Out Typefighters game System requirements, All Minimum and Recommended system requirements, let’s see Can your PC run Typefighters game.

Typefighters System Requirements

Typefighters is a competitive multiplayer game from Christian Reuter. in game two players battle each other using their typing skills. Its variety of modes does not only emphasise typing speed and correctness, but also other skills like reaction time, sustained attention, creativity, tactics and anticipating the opponents moves. Aside from being a tool to settle arguments on who is the best on a keyboard, the game can also be used for training purposes.

Typefighters System Requirements

Minimum Typefighters System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP
Graphics 500 MB
HDD 70 MB available space
DirectX Version 9.0c



Genre: Indie
Developer: Christian Reuter
Publisher: Christian Reuter
Release Date: 18. April 2016

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