THINKTANK T90 Zelotes Gaming Mouse Review

The Zelotes T90 gaming mouse offers you everything that a hardcore gamer wants a professional cheap gaming mouse. It has 8 buttons that include left, right, forward, backward, middle key, fire key, light mode switch, and DPI changer. With these buttons in action, you can quickly access whatever you need to get control on different gaming elements. With its DPI switcher button, you can easily change the DPI to 1000 dpi, 1600 dpi, 2400 dpi, 3200 dpi, 5500 dpi, or 8000 dpi to improve the performance of your game.

This isn’t a small mouse by any means but the comfort and precision that it handles with makes up for it. That being said, if you have small hands or you’re thinking of getting it for someone with small hands, i.e. a kid, then this may not be the mouse for you. It does have some great pro features, though, that make this gaming mouse looking into. The lights play the part of being a true gaming mouse along with the precision. And it’s true plug and play. It looks great. It works great. And it’s easily a great buy.

7-color cycle breathing light, the default resolution is 1000 DPI.
Press the left and right buttons at the same time more than 22 seconds to restore the factory setting.

  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, ME,2000,Mac OS and other OS.
  • Customize DPI Switch: 1000/1600/2400/3200/5500/9200
  • Interface: USB Optical type: Red wave
  • High configuration gaming mouse:up to 9200 DPI(1000/1600/2400/3200/5500/9200),the default resolution is 1000 DPI,Polling Rate:500Hz,DPI and Polling Rate settings are closely related to the game performance,T90 provides extreme stability while gaming
  • Ergonomic design,internally and externally,to create the ultimate game concept,long-term use without fatigue.


Zelotes T90 Gaming mouse Review

Zelotes T90 Gaming mouse Review


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