System Requirements

The Flock PC Game System Requirements


The Flock System Requirements

The Flock is an asymmetrical multiplayer video game that is played from a first-person perspective. The player will defeat enemies with light. Enemies will have the ability to turn into statues and become invincible. Certain artifacts will give players special abilities, such as the ability to run faster, jump higher and remain undetected. The game will contain a mixture of action and stealth. The player’s flashlight can give away their position to enemies. When players lose their lives in the game, the population of the game decreases. When all players die, the game’s online portion will no longer be functional and according to the game’s developer, the game will “never be purchasable again.”. The Flock is developed by Vogelsap. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux on August 21, 2015.

The Flock

Developer: Vogelsap
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Release Date: August 21, 2015
Genre: Survival, horror

The Flock Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP
CPU:2.4 Ghz Dual Core Processor
Graphics (GPU):Intel HD 4000 or equivalent with 1GB memory (recommanded: 2GB video card memory)
HDD:3 GB available space
DirectX:Version 9.0c
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