THE ATTACK OF BOWSER! | Minecraft Hide N Seek Video

Here Watch THE ATTACK OF BOWSER! | Minecraft Hide N Seek Video

Watch: THE ATTACK OF BOWSER! | Minecraft Hide N Seek

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Map By – @QueenKatluv

Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at
Music Used
NoiseStorm – Airwaves

NoiseStorm – Renegade

Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia –

Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft Hide n Seek! Today SkyDoesMinecraft is playing a Mario Hide n Seek with SGCBarbierian, ThatGuyBarney, and RedVacktor! The game starts and Sky threatens to stand in front of Nick until the game is over; this would do nothing but help Nick, but he eventually decides to run somewhere else. After Sky casually stating that he showered for the first time in three years he tries to sneak around Nick and brutally fails, no one was surprised. Walking a little further down the path the guys run into Barney and tag him as well, Red for some reason decides to start sprinting and then gets tagged himself. Barney gets everyone excited for his egg which he was hoping would have a chicken in it, but instead, all he did was just throw it on the ground and break it. Barney is the seeker for the next round and Sky goes and hides. This time, he attempts to live-commentate this game of Hide n Seek and places the microphone as close to his mouth as possible. Soon after this Red is found and Sky questions why when people are found it makes a huge explosion noise, no one is quite sure and quickly move off that topic. Sky accidentally un-crouches leaving Red open to slide in for the attack, with the swift tag Barney is the seeker again! This time, Nick is the seeker again and Sky runs down under the bridge and creates his new home in a mountain. Red lets out a girly squeak and is the first one to get found, Sky chimes in on this and says “are you now DeadVacktor?” This joke was so horrible it needed to be noted. Red and Nick opened the door to where Sky was hiding scaring him pretty bad and they all go on the hunt for Barney. In an unprecedented turn of events, Nick is the seeker again, and they all go and try to find places to hide. Barney tries to get Sky to go in his hole but he doesn’t want to and then the round starts. Turns out Barney was hiding right next to Sky for the entire time and went to go see if he was still there, he was. Nick found Barney who came to tag Sky, Red was hanging out on the roof but fell right off and was instantly tagged. All of this came down to the final round, it’s time to separate the men from the boys. Sky becomes the seeker this round, and it was time for him to go on the prowl. After not finding anyone for a while, he runs into Red just going for a swim and gives him a little punch. Red leads Sky directly to Barney and now the only person left is Nick. No one has any idea where he is, but after giving them a small hint they spot him on the roof and tag him. That’s it for this Mario Hide n Seek! Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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