OXENFREE – Announce Trailer For PS4

OXENFREE - Announce Trailer

The most mind-bending game of 2016 is coming to PS4 with new scenes, storylines, and endings.

Watch OXENFREE – Announce Trailer

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on an old military island. The night takes a terrifying turn when you unwittingly open a ghostly gate spawned from the island’s cryptic past. How you deal with these events, your peers, and the ominous creatures you’ve unleashed is up to you.

“Director’s Cut” Features Include: – New Game+ Storyline: Just when you think you complete your version of Alex’s story, you are sucked back in to continue her tale in new locations, conclusions, and a completely tweaked version of the island’s already twisted – Your DualShock®4 controller becomes Alex’s supernatural radio, with dynamic light feedback and ghostly transmissions emanating from the – Behind the Scenes Featurettes reveal the steps from original concept to creating a finished supernatural thriller.

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