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Overwatch Video shows Tracer Gameplay

Overwatch Video shows Tracer Gameplay

Blizzard has released another Overwatch gameplay preview, this time it shows off the smooth teleporting moves of Tracer.

Tracer’s main skill is a blink that will her horizontally a short distance.he can uses dual pulse pistols.More interesting, though, is Recall. It “rewinds” her, returning her to the location just like go back in time. and her ultimate ability is the Pulse Bomb with is an AoE attack which you can see used to great effect in the video above.

Overwatch Tracer Gameplay Preview

Only by wearing a chronal accelerator is Tracer able to stay anchored in the present. The device also allows her to manipulate her own time, speeding it up and slowing it down.

She’s the fifth character Blizzard has released unedited match footage of. The others are Hanzo, McCree, Mercy and Zenyatta.

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