How to manage saved passwords in google chrome for android

As You know chrome browser one of best thing made by google, and comes with many features, and one of them is password manager and today we will show you How to manage saved passwords in google chrome for android.

In Chrome for Android all your saved passwords get synced with gmail that gives us freedom of make as many accounts on meny website and don’t need to remember password.(and who like remember and enter long and complex passwords, just sync it) so without wasting time lets see how to manage your saved passwords in google chrome for android.

Access password manager in Chrome for Android

For Access password manager just open Chrome browser app on your device, tap on three dots, head to settings and select the ‘Save passwords’ option from the menu, ten on button on top and enable the feature if it isn’t enabled already. Check out this picture below:

managing saved passwords in Chrome for Android

One of good thing in chrome’s password manager that is not possible to actually view your saved passwords especially if your friends use your phone then they can’t see your passwords, security first. you can just see website name and username on there (If you Wish to view saved passwords, then use the Chrome desktop app) in password manager you can’t modify a saved password, or perform any other operations on it. only option that the browser presents to you is the ability to delete a saved password.

OR use a password manager app (why)

In my view an average user will be satisfied on chrome’s password manager but it’s feature is clearly not powerful or flexible, If you required more flexibility then you can use apps like Dashlane, or LastPass.

Use any other password manager or Built in chrome’s password manager , so here at last a question do you use a password manager app on your smartphone? or chrome’s password manager fulfill your requirements. Let us know in the comments below!

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