Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 211 – Achievelantis Video

Here Watch Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 211 – Achievelantis Video

Watch: Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 211 – Achievelantis

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Order your Let’s Play Live tickets at! || Find the lost city! || Eons before Achievement City existed as you or I know it today, The Ancient Ones thrived in an underwater utopia far below on the ocean floor. The Achievelantians, as they were known, were in many ways far more advanced than the modern Achievemen. I mean, they lived in a freakin’ underwater city (like the Gungans) without being super annoying pricks (like the Gungans)! That’s a heavy accomplishment.

These Ancient Ones, these Achievelantians went extinct – probably by the fault of Ancient Gavin – and their city was lost to time. This city, Achievelantis, has been thought to be nothing more than a legend. But today, Geoff has discovered ancient maps in the Achievement Archives – maps that could possibly lead to this fabled lost city. Now it is time for the Achievement Hunters to throw on their swimmy suits and explore the most remote locations across Achievement City in order to discover the sunken sanctum below the sea – Achievelantis! || Get a Let’s Play Logo shirt and update your style, too!

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