System Requirements

Hover Junkers Game System Requirements

Hover Junkers System Requirements

Check Out Hover Junkers PC game System requirements, let’s see Can your PC run Hover Junkers game.

Hover Junkers System Requirements

Hover Junkers is a Action, Adventure from Stress Level Zero. Hover Junkers is a VR with tracked controllers ONLY multiplayer shooter designed from the ground up for VR. Immerse yourself in a virtual world of drought stricken future where junk hunters scavenge for scrap left behind.

Choose from 17 different ships that range from tiny to huge to fit any size VR play area. Engage in multiplayer combat to claim scrap/loot and defend against enemy players. Use scrap to fortify your Junker from incoming fire. Physically dodge, hide, and shoot from behind the cover of your Junkers defenses.

Hover Junkers System Requirements

Minimum Hover Junkers System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7
CPU Intel i5-4590
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 970
HDD 20 GB available space
Additional Notes Run on low settings only 🙁

Recommended Hover Junkers System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7
CPU Intel i7-4770
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 980
HDD 20 GB available space
Additional Notes Don’t cheap out on your VR PC 🙂


Hover Junkers

Title: Hover Junkers
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Stress Level Zero
Publisher: Stress Level Zero
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2016

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