Hard Reset Redux – Xbox One Launch Trailer

Here Check this out new Hard Reset Redux – Xbox One Launch Trailer

Hard Reset Redux - Xbox One Launch Trailer Xbox

The walls of the last city have been breached. The machines, threatening to bring about the total extinction of the human race, are inches away from wiping out what’s left of the population. Can you defend the city of Bezoar, and in it, an inestimable network containing billions of digitized human minds?

Watch Hard Reset Redux – Xbox One Launch Trailer

Flying Wild Hog’s brutal cyberpunk FPS classic returns as Hard Reset Redux launches today on Xbox One. Hard Reset Redux comes loaded with enhanced visuals, new enemies, improvements to balance and performance, as well as an outrageously fun new weapon: the Cyber-Katana. Get up close and personal with the mechanical menaces of the future and tear through them in style. Brutal, electrifying style!

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