GUESS WHO?: YouTuber Edition! Video

Here Watch GUESS WHO?: YouTuber Edition! Video

Watch: GUESS WHO?: YouTuber Edition!

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Welcome Back to Guess Who?! This time we have a special treat! Its a YouTuber Edition…with more twists!
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A few weeks ago (Months? Has it been that long?) Jess and I decided we would play Guess who with a Twist… You have to describe the person based on actions they may be doing, or their type of personality.

This time we are mixing it up even more! Adding in Gaming YouTubers from around the Web as well as getting shot in the head with nerf guns if you lose…FUN FOR EVERYONE!

I apologize now if any of my friends are offended…I dont think any of you diddle people or have things stuck up your butt. HOWEVER! some of the pictures you guys take are freaking hilarious…and must be exploited

Shout out to the Person who suggested we do this with YouTubers instead of the default people…I forgot your name…so…I am sorry.
I love you?

If you have any other recommendations for games we can play with weird or different rules, let me know!

I hope you enjoy!
Thank you Ze For coming out to help!

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