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In this quirky physics puzzle platformer, players take control of an overworked designer trapped in a nightmare of his own creation. Chased by a dreaded red marker, the designer must successfully navigate a world made of blueprints in this challenging physics-driven puzzle game/runner hybrid.

Equipped with a trusty eraser, players guide the designer to the end of each blueprint by erasing the (many) obstacles ahead. Can the designer finish the blueprints and escape a deadline nightmare?

* Enter a world built on a designer’s blueprint.
* Solve fast-paced physics puzzles while dodging dangerous hazards.
* Experience invigorating action sequences.
* Explore 70+ levels and more than 6 distinct chapters.
* Collect stars to unlock new chapters.

Eraser will launch on August 8th for Android and iOS. The game is 100% free: There are no ads or in-app purchases anywhere. Players may choose to donate to the developer if they are so inclined.

Hiker Games is an independent game developer based in Vietnam. The team has eight members and was founded in 2012. By releasing world-renowned titles created in a country not traditionally known for game development, Hiker Games hopes to be the driving force behind making Vietnam a hub for innovation.

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