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Chiptune Champion Game System Requirements

Chiptune Champion system requirements, Check Out Chiptune Champion PC requirements Minimum and Recommended system requirements, and check Can your PC run Chiptune Champion game also Let us know your view about this Game in the comments.

Chiptune Champion System Requirements

Chiptune Champion is a simple challenging rhythm game from Blake Garner. when you play you will definitely find it cool. Chiptune Champion game transforms your keyboard into an instrument and play with the melody of catchy chiptunes in game, you can choose from 40 official songs also you can rack your own custom songs (That’s what makes It very cool)

In Chiptune Champion you can find three difficulty levels from rookie to expert, also weekly and all-time leaderboards. you can also share them with the community via the steam workshop.

For requirements Chiptune Champion needs Windows 7 or plus os runs on 2Ghz or better cpu with 1GB RAM with 512 MB gpu, overall game will work on any 10 year old PC.

Chiptune Champion Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7+
CPU: 2Ghz+
Graphics (GPU): 512 MB
HDD: 150 MB available space

Chiptune Champion

[appbox steam 372690]

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