Castles – First Gameplay Trailer

Here Check this out new Castles – First Gameplay Trailer

Watch: Castles – First Gameplay Trailer

Created by Whoot Games
Available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One digital. Find out more:

Castles is a puzzle game incorporating action in a great medieval setting where 1 or 2 characters have to push or drag blocks to unite them in rows of 3 or more of the same colors (materials) or figures (tools). The player doesn´t take direct control of the blocks but instead controls engineers who are tasked with the movement of the blocks, giving a unique twist to the gameplay.

The entire game takes place in a 5 x 5 tower composed of the central trunk (5 x 5) and the exterior ‘scaffolding’ which is limited exclusively to the players. The blocks fall from above in the central trunk, where the player can move the blocks by pushing or dragging them, always with the objective of creating combinations.

Published by BadLand Indie

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