The 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under $30

I like the nice stuff but I make a it a mission find good gaming equipment that performs well and doesn’t break the bank in the meantime. I’d rather have more money for more games. And let’s face it, it’s a gamble, right? I mean the aiming, firing, slashing, attacking, turning, looking…they’re all integral to most games these days and if you’re gaming mouse sucks then it’s going to throw a big, wet diaper on your ability to succeed, win, own, kill, capture.

Let’s Take a Look at the Features that Make a “Good” Gaming Mouse. The lower end gaming mice will have that LED sensor optical tracker. I find that these are great and sensitive enough. Sure, you can have issues if you raise your mouse off of the surface but I don’t see why you’d do that anyway. The laser sensors, on the other hand, track real well even if the mouse comes off the surface for a moment but can be a little bit…unruly…when your moving that mouse around real fast in the heat of battle.

The ergonomic design of gaming mice is the most important feature that I’m looking for personally in a mouse. I like a gaming mouse on the lighter side and that fits well in my hand. I have big hands 😉 so I don’t have an issue fitting and handling a larger one (that’s what she said!). I prefer the scrolling wheel to be grooved and smooth so that I can cycle through quickly and with ease. I get to know that ratcheted scroll wheel to the point where I am subconsciously counting the little clicks and catches and know precisely where it landed without looking at the screen.

List of 5 Gaming Mouse Under $30


It’s plug and play so there’s no additional software to download or upload.  I’ve seen some other reviews online that label this a “cheap gaming mouse”…but don’t let the word fool you.  For under $30, this mouse is all that and a bag of chips.  The make isn’t cheap at all.  It takes a pounding from me and still comes to work everyday ready to be handled again.

  • With the advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology adopted, this wireless gaming mouse can be operated at a working distance up to 18m with little-to-no delay or signal drops.
  •  3050 chip, providing you an incredibly comfortable and stable gaming experience that never fails. It hasn’t failed me yet.

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iXCC Predator 5500 DPIiXCC Predator

with 84% of the reviews being 5 Stars then you may want to pay attention here for a bit.  Predator may not be a name that’s synonymous with gaming but they have a winner here with this affordable gaming mouse for under $30.  If you’ve never held a well-balanced, ergonomic gaming mouse in your hand and actually played with one then you might get a little bit of a taste for what it’s supposed to be like with the Predator.  You can tell from the images that it is made with comfort and control in mind.
  • USB 2.0, also compatible with USB 1.1.
  • Switch Life: 5 million cycle.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology Comfortable to use.
  • Power supply:1 x AA battery Required.(not included)
  • Resolution: 500-1000-15000-2000CPI Adjustable through the button.

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Sentey GS-3901

The Sentey is another gaming mouse that may not be in your mind when you starting talking about “that sick gaming mouse, bro” but it’s a damn good piece of equipment to have with you in-game.  And it’s got to be great for those fast-paced, first person shooters because many of the reviews online tout the Sentey has being on of the most precise gaming mouses they’ve ever used.  In fact, some of the reviews on Amazon infer that the Sentey is being used as a graphic design mouse once it is discovered by those professionals who have gamers in the house.

  • Up to 8200 DPI Resolution
  • 4 Levels DPI Level Preset
  • ADNS 9800 Sensor
  • Avago Chipset
  • 1 Ghz Frequency Polling Rate
  • 12000 FPS Frame Rate
  • 4D 4 Way Scrolling
  • 150 inches/sec Track Speed

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While the ThinkTank T90 doesn’t have as many reviews on Amazon as some of the gaming mice that we’ve reviewed here, the ones that it does have speak very highly of the it with 70% being 5-star ratings.  Again, keep in mind that we’re looking for affordable gaming mice that have a great response time and sensor, are comfortable to hold and handle, and won’t break the bank.  The ThinkTank T90 fits that bill.

  • Adjusting DPI: 6-speed adjustment,1000/1600/2400/3200/5500/9200 DPI,1000 DPI red light flash 3 times,1600 orange,2400 green,3200 light blue,5500 blue,9200 purple.
  • Compatible system: Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT / XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10/ Mac OS and other OS,plug & play
  • Fire key: short press to double click, long press more than 2 seconds to switch triple click,light flashes 3 times represents successfully switched.
  • LED Light Modes Switch: short press to switch 7-color cycle breathing+6 single color breathing+6 single color constant light,A total of 13 kinds of light mode ,long press more than 2 seconds to turn off the lights.
  • Quick thumb function: fast forward or backward when browsing the web,forward of backward at the same folder window.

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Ending out our list is a solid, little gaming mouse that looks great.  Personally, the way it looks is one of my favorites on the list so don’t get it twisted that because it’s #5 here, that it can’t be your go-to mouse when gaming.  Especially seeing as how it has a 78%, 5-star rating over at Amazon.  This mouse has all that you need in a gaming mouse in one, affordable package:  Comfort, precision, a skull with cross bones and great lighting. Boom…you gotcha’ yourself a great gaming companion.

  • This mouse adopts advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology, which makes it achieve a larger using range, stronger anti-interference ability and a faster transmission speed. The increased working distance is up to 10m with no obstacles. Its wireless function makes it easy to carry.
  • Adopting the silent micro switch design with best hand feeling for the button, 95% noiseless than ordinary switch, truly be without interference in the same room. Silent button design can make you work or play in a quiet environment, and also gives you an exciting gaming atmosphere and keep your family or roommates in a good sleep state.
  • The primary game player design, 3 DPI levels (1000-1600-2400) makes you can choose your suitable cursor speed and win the battle victory in a game with a quick speed. Shortcut keys design can carry out the operation of page up, down, forward and backward quickly, which makes you defeat your enemies quickly.

So this was our list of 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under $30, what your thoughts on it let us know in comments.



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