10 Satisfying Cases Of Instant Karma Video

Here Watch 10 Satisfying Cases Of Instant Karma Video

Watch: 10 Satisfying Cases Of Instant Karma

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top 10 amazing stories of karma caught on camera
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Traditional Buddhist beliefs state that karma is an intentional action that leads to future consequences. In short, you can kind of think of it along the lines of “what goes around comes around.” The general understanding behind such things is that if you are a good person who does good things then you will be rewarded throughout your life with positive events. On the other hand, if you do bad things and go out of your way to be hurtful or harmful, then somewhere down the road things will even out when something terrible happens to you. Think of it like a traditional scale with two sides that eventually balance themselves out. The more positive or negative acts you place on one side eventually get matched by an equal response on the other.
Like luck or fate, there are those who don’t believe in karma. That said, ask around and you’ll find more than a few people do think karma happens – or some variation of it. In all honesty, many of us do get a bit of satisfaction when we see bad things happen to bad people. It’s why Instant Karma videos are so popular all over the web. The videos ahead all fit the bill for instant karma. You’ll see and learn about people who did bad or mean things on purpose, only to get what was coming to them in the end. From being mean to animals to straight up criminal activity, these people all quickly realized that just maybe instant karma is a real thing.
Do you believe in luck or fate? If not, then you probably don’t believe in instant karma. It’s a Buddhist belief that intentional actions result in future consequences. There’s every chance the people in the following video didn’t believe in instant karma either – until it announced itself in full force. From people being intentionally mean to criminals doing illegal activities, you may just start believing in instant karma after seeing what happens to these people.

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